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Rocky Trail Rollercoaster Rd 2 - Kempsey Jun 2014 - [2nd Place]

Race Report written by Tim Butler...

“We headed to Kempsey to compete in the 2nd round of the Rocky Trail Rollercoaster. A quick bike setup change on the Deubel 2UP from a full DH rig to a Gravity Enduro rig was done by 13 year old Pat in about 1 hour the night before, which consisted of fork, tyre, rear cassette and rear shock and linkage change. SO EASY.

After the wife telling us that the weather report looked great with a 1% chance of rain, we arrived at Kempsey in the pouring rain.

Woke up on Sunday to a superb morning which carried on to be an even better day. I had a run on both tracks with Pat to check them out. The rain the night before made the tracks super tacky and great fun, The Big Daddy track was flowy and fun with a few great features like jumps, north shore ramps, berms and gaps. The Chewbacca track had a great rock garden at the top followed by lots of jumps. Both tracks where very well designed sustainability wise and to cater for all levels of rider with B lines around features. When you first get there you think there isn't much elevation but coming off 2 years of injury, I didn't really struggle with the pedally bits. The climb back to the top was a breeze, especially if you found someone to chat to along the fire roads.

There was the usual causal and friendly atmosphere all day and the event centre was great with bike and clothing shops.

Pat was very happy with his race runs, the bike performed brilliantly, as it always does. He finished 17 seconds behind young Riley Lowe to take second on the Podium. Pat was faster on the Downhill sections but Riley had the legs on the flat sections.

Overall it was a great weekend and well worth the trip up there. To all the people who didn't make it, be sure to do it next year.

Thanks for the support from Deubel Bicycles, SCV Imports, Gloryfy eyewear and Rocky Trail Entertainment.”

Photos by Outer Image Collective

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