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Australian Gravity Enduro – Rd 2, Bright VIC - Mar 2014 [1st Place]

The story from the winner himself, Mathieu Taris... “A few years ago whilst travelling, I came past a town named Bright and I had a feeling that this could be a good venue for a MTB trip, a significant mountain range, campsite along the river and a cool laid back (and good food) country town.  I told myself ‘I'll come back one day to have a closer look’. Five years later, Alpine Gravity is holding the second round of the Australian Enduro series at Bright Victoria.  Nine different stages over two days, it’s the perfect opportunity.

After arriving, we were lucky enough to meet two riders that already had the track dialled and in no time we were on the bike trying to keep on with those young pinners. Going blind, awesome network of different tracks spread all over a mystic mountain.  Most were steep and rooty - which is great to see especially when your from Sydney (riding stone and dust).  The recent rain made you work hard to keep wheels on the ground.  I realised the feeling was on the money about Bright and understood why they chose this place for such an event.

Smashed runs all day, the pace was set, smiles all over my face, big excitement just to decide which track I’d pick next (like I said so much choice) so much fun... isn't this Enduro? Enduro the word on everyones lips these days, we hear it every way possible, ‘its enduro bro’ or ‘broduro’, ‘I like your fluoduro jersey!’ Everyone likes to speculate about what enduro should be, but I think after going to Bright now, I’ve got it. Enduro is what Ben Watkins is importing, a bunch of people riding sick tracks with that feeling the weekend will never end.  Initially I was concerned about no shuttles, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought as there were no queue’s or waiting.  Pedalling up gives you the time for chatting, and you’re less stressed to go for the next run and enjoy it even more. Isn’t that the purpose of an enduro bike?

Going up and bombing down. Had so much fun that even the muddy conditions didn’t stop me riding. It helped too that after the first day I had a few seconds lead in my category.  How cool is that, more pressure to stay on the bike the next day. When we woke in the morning, we knew that it would be an even bigger challenge...mud, mud and more mud.  First corner and I was almost over the handle bar.  I lost all confidence and was riding like a grandma for the first stage.  I tried to stop thinking and the speed came back...with the fun.

Awesome to watch everyone riding such conditions.  Some would call us crazy and we probably are, but when the clock is ticking, you got to do your best to keep it together.  It was fantastic to see the Elite guys pinning at high speed, thanks a lot guys, so good to watch!  Special thanks to the Deubel team, broduro Mr Dregsy and DHaRCO clothing for the nice jersey that I trashed."


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