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All Mountain Cup National Series Rd 3 – Mt Stromlo [3rd Place]

How fantastic is the 2UP for making podium in both the Downhill and Cross Country events at the National series?  Taking the bronze medal overall this weekend, Marc De Geoffroy raced the Deubel 2UP successfully making the podium in each 3 stages of the All Mountain Cup at Stromlo.  Check out more pictures

To explain each day a little more....

Day 1 – “Super D” stage 

1st PLACE in Expert Category for Marc de Geoffroy racing the Deubel 2UP in the “Super D” of the Australian All Mountain Cup National Series, riding the same bike that is currently leading by 2nd Place in the National Downhill series. “Super D” is the 1st out of 3 stages this weekend, a format that challenges the skills of riders with what is essentially a very fast, long DownHill course with some cross country climbing included.

Day 2 – “XCO” stage

It was certainly an eventful day for the All-mountain Deubel 2UP racing “XCO” at the Australian National Series. Coming 3rd place, Marc de Geoffroy did an amazing race considering he started off in 2nd place, then by the 2nd lap he was in first place, and after crashing and fracturing his hand in his 3rd lap, he continued to push hard for the remaining 2 laps to finish on the podium.  Well done Marc, you are a true champion.    The 5km “XCO” course at Stromlo has been proven at national and international level.   It includes Stromlo’s famous Hammerhead section (the World Championships Climb) and riders ascend about 2/3rds of the way up the mountain twice each lap, with 225 metres of climbing.  

Day 3 – “Point to Point” stage

The final day of the All Mountain Cup Series 3 had the Deubel 2UP racing the 20km “Point to Point”, a serious cross country course with steep uphill, technical, hairpin corners.  Marc De Geoffroy was on fire leading his category with a fractured hand when two thirds of the way into the race, he accidently took a wrong turn on the track (along with some others) which ended up in him falling into 3rd.  We are very proud of Marc as despite his many challenges, he rode extremely well on the All-mountain Deubel 2UP.  This put him in 3rd place overall for the All Mountain Cup in “Expert Category” at Stromo. 


Stay tuned for the final Gravity Cup series at Awaba on 4th March.

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